Rahil Rafiq – Rider Profile

Name : Rahil Qureshi

Bike : Pulsar 220

Name of Bike, if any : ‘Lilly’

Your Favorite Rider: Valentino Rossi- ‘THE DOCTOR’

First time on two wheels: It was the first time when my feet reached the footrests of my uncle’s RX100. He taught me to ride.

Best Ride so far: Every ride is special! However, the Rajasthan trip was most memorable.

Favourite bike: YZF R1.

Why: Because you can’t buy an M1 for the street!

Dream Destination: Riding is a passion. Who cares about the destination?

Why: I am a firm believer that riding is about the journey and not the destination.Under that helmet on a lone highway, it’s just you. Enjoy the peace.

Advice to newbies: Follow your heart, be ambitious. Ride fast and ride safe. Wear a helmet and all protective gear.

Biking achievement, if any: Biggest achievement was to learn to ride one.  Equally memorable were doing Agra to Mumbai (1600kms -7 bikes – 26 hours ), and later on racing in a motocross event and finish it, alive.

RB Editor

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