Police stops MRF MoGrip FMSCI national rally, riders taken to police station.

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MRF not only known as country’s leading Tyre manufacturers but also has been known for organizing country wide events for both motorbikes and cars enthusiasts.

In one such event, organized as a rally in Hyderabad for motor bikers in association with FMSCI took another route. All the participants (approx. 50) riders were stopped and taken to police station along with their bikes.


The reason for such action by Hyderabad police is not yet known. But the riders and their bikes have been released post intervention from the DCP-Hyderabad Police.

Team Riders Bug  urges to the law enforcement authority to take a note of such events, which are organized with prior permissions. Stopping such events creates a huge problem for the organizer and the participants who travel across India to be a part of such events, more over there are very limited number of events that are held in India. 

Gaurav Rana

Gaurav Rana is a engineering dropout and the new generation entrepreneur, I started working with startups from the age of 17, as of today I am 22 further I have keen interests in internet & industrial startups. Apart from this I am a Motorsports enthusiast and love my blends of black coffee.