RB Rides The Thrill with MRF

It was a pleasant surprise to everyone when two of the top 5 winners on the MRF Ride The Thrill app contest were from Riders Bug.
Sandeep Amburle, and Rushank Kapadia, two RB veterans, were awarded a full set of biking gear (jackets, gloves, and riding boots) at a grand prize ceremony organized by MRF Tyres in Mumbai.
Sandeep Amburle, video editor and a resident of Mira Road, was very happy since he had been planning to upgrade his riding gear as soon as he could. Rushank, a business development executive, also a resident of the Thane suburb, is already planning some pretty extreme rides wearing his shiny new boots and gloves.
The Riders Bug family as a team had participated in the campaign, with everyone waiting for the daily challenges with bated breath. sandeepThe challenges, man! We have so many stories to tell that we don’t know where to start from!
But this is the one that really cracks us up. 
One day, we had to record a formation ride video. Now we have done our best at formation rides, but somehow, one of use loses patience and zips off, only to  rejoin the pack later on.
In spite of this, bikes were lined up, a plan made, and shooting began. The plan was to do a lovely left turn, with everyone flashing their lights at the apex of the turn, where we had a brother with a camera.
During Take 1, one dude started off without wait for the “go’ signal. He went to the end point, circled and came back. A few angry looks later, we lined up again.
Here’s what happened in the subsequent takes:
Take 2: Ride started, head lights were off, failed shot.
Take 3: Restarted, lights on, one guy stalled, everyone braked, and took a u-turn back to the start point.
Take 4: Started again, when a dog chased a guy in the middle, causing him to break formation. Back to the start point.
Take 5 : Started again, when the camera man received a call, causing the recording to stop. 6 angry bikers went back to the start point
Take 6: Started again, lights flashed correctly, when an ambulance passed by, spoiling the video. Back to the start point.
Take 7: Started slowly, followed the proper line, lights flashed, video perfect. EUREKA!
Oh wait! It had to be uploaded! With 6% battery remaining, the video was uploaded. And that 20,000 point bonus did the trick.
This was just one out of 135 challenges that we won. Full credits to Sandeep and Rushank. They literally owned the app.
 But let’s not forget one thing. It was thanks to MRF Tyres and Team RB that the two did so well. It was the first campaign of its kind that really turned us on, ignited our minds and revved our hearts.
Thank you, each and everyone, for this is a win we dedicate to YOU! All of you who loved us and never let us down. All of you who kept supporting us.
This is an epic moment, people. Celebrations are in order!

RB Editor

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