The Team



Four passionate individuals with a  dream to promote “The Bug Culture” came together, and that is how “Riders Bug” came into existence.

The Nerd – Every team needs an origin, a lead and a workaholic to drive the team to perfection. This guy is the technology head and handles the web infrastructure. Apart from handling the web, “The Nerd” has a bipolar personality. He loves the redlline as much as the lower end of the rpm range.

The Little Nobody – In every team there will be one management guy who is the “Jack of all and the Master of None”. The team’s philosophy of “Hope for the best but also prepare for the worst” is personified by this guy. He is a passionate biker who loves to explore everything which is possible on two wheels.

The Daredevil – This guy is reason for the “Never Say Die” attitude of the team. He has the Willingness to accept challenges and fulfilling the same with sanity and fun. Meant for the tracks, highways and also in-house arenas – this piston head just loves bikes as much as he knows them.

The Design Freak – This guy is the one who is responsible for letting the team’s thought to come alive on the screens. This creative guy is having hands on experience from “working hard TO working smart can possibly do anything in terms of designing the thoughts.