Tamhini – All in One

Ever had a large pizza? The kind that makes you hungrier the more you eat? That was what our most recent trip was all about.
The boys at FRC sure know how to have a party on two wheels.
Together, we rode to Tamhini Ghats, one of the prettiest and most peaceful locations around Mumbai.
Here’s what went down during the ride.
The Meetup 
This time, there were a lot of new riders, new bikes and a lot of chatter. As usual, seeing such a lively gaggle of bikers amused people. Within minutes, there was a small crowd of onlookers at the Panvel McDonald’s stop. Loud, frenzied, animated and happy were the men clad in A-rated biker gear, raring to head into the mountains.
The Breakfast
We reached Lonavala in a flash, as the roads were empty, the riders fresh and of course the bikes humming smoothly. breakfast was a fun affair. Imagine 15-20 helmets stacked on top of each other, at a restaurant, with an equal number of jackets and double the number of gloves and knee guards. And oh yes, 20 chatty bikers. We sure did drive off a lot of people who wanted to have a quiet, peaceful restaurant.
The Corners
With the temperatures higher than usual, the tyres offered superb grip. Oh, man, what fun it was swaying, carving corners and breezing  through the epic twisties leading up to Amby Valley. It is not for nothing that bikers have a soft spot for this stretch of divinity.
The Cake
Oh, yes! FRC was celebrating its third anniversary this weekend. There was a cake, as well. A huge, tasty, red one, with the logo and the customary plastic knife. Ever seen bikers proposing each other? Yep that happened. And a snake in an empty beer crate? Yes that happened as well. Add to the list an impromptu “garba” session, golf with a selfie stick, horseplay, and you can imagine what a mad time we had!
 The Bone Massage
So how does one get one’s  bones massaged? Go offroad. Simple! The road from Amby to Tamhini was well, one pothole after another, and it took all our strength and focus to find a way through. Ride we did, and what joy it was to find a few smooth sections in between! There was a bridge, where it started to rain. What a welcome change it was to the sticky heat of the early afternoon sun. Under that bridge was a river, and we honoured that as well. Hippos wouldn’t have had as much of a dip as we had.
The Lunch 
We seem to have a talent for emptying all the food in a restaurant since that is exactly what has happened on previous rides. We had decided to only have a “light” lunch, which later on became a hogging fest. It was cold, and we were hungry, so do spare us the ridicule. hahaha
Traffic! It seemed like all the cars, buses, autos, and cattle had decided to make their presence felt. It was thanks to the wonderful guidance of the lead and the efficient action by the traffic police, we sailed through safely and without a scratch.
As we waited for the pack to catch up at Panvel, we couldn’t but help relive all those memories. The lovely roads, the corners, the off-roading, the views, the food, the laughs, and the ride as a whole.
Another ride under our belt, and another sweet memory with FRC!
Till the next ride, then!

RB Editor

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